ARCHICAD 20 Rental

ACR 30, 60, 90, 180 and 360 includes:

  • ARCHICAD 20 Teamwork (PC+Mac)
  • Energy Evaluation
  • BIMx (Building Explorer)
  • CineRender (Cinema 4D rendering engine)
  • Applecore Designs Starter Template and ARCHICAD 20 UKI Template
  • CodeMeter hardware key (programmed for 30, 90, 180 or 360 day usage)
  • Full product upgrades
  • ARCHICAD Training Course (Optional)


ARCHICAD 20 Teamwork

Graphisoft's flagship product, ARCHICAD, is an object oriented and fully integrated BIM solution for architecture and the building industry.
ARCHICAD's tried and tested Virtual Building™concept stores all the information about your project in a central database from which the drawings and documentation are quickly and efficiently produced. ARCHICAD 19 reads point-clouds, providing faster, error-free building surveys by using the latest 3D scanner laser-survey technology, while intelligent model-based workflows for new build, renovation and retrofit projects allow automated, fully coordinated and accurate documentation, eliminating costly, tedious re-working.
ARCHICAD 20 features a brand new interface that sets the new version apart from other BIM tools. Underneath the surface, a number of important functional improvements put the emphasis on the “I” in BIM, while smart filters and brand new graphical overrides allow designers to freely change the representation of any 2D and 3D views for drawing output and model export. This allows a number of workflows that make communication, coordination and model checking much more efficient.
The CINEMA 4D rendering engine for high-end professional photo rendering provides an uninterrupted visualisation workflow alongside the intuitive new Surface Painter for drag-and-drop surface materials. One-click high-quality photo-rendering brings professional visualisation closer.
The enhanced Graphisoft BIM Server provides a platform for multiple team members to work on a model and its documentation collectively in real time, both within the office and through the Internet. Intelligent Delta Server™ technology reduces network traffic to a minimum for instant and reliable data-exchange.
ARCHICAD 20 is a full 64-bit application on Mac and PC platforms with multi-processor support for optimum performance. Predictive background processing, optimised scaling of multiple-core CPUs, and an improved central graphics unit result in optimised performance and navigation.


Energy Evaluation

Built-in Energy Evaluation turns ARCHICAD into the "greenest" BIM solution available on the market today. Energy Evaluation, based on standard compliant technology, now supports multiple thermal blocks, performing calculations using zone-based building performance analysis.



ARCHICAD now also includes a fully functional BIMx licence in every installation, enabling designers to communicate and share BIMx projects with clients to explore on Windows and Mac workstations as well as iOS and Android tablets and mobile phones.


Service Agreement

All product upgrades and new releases of ARCHICAD Teamwork are included.


ARCHICAD Training (Optional)

This two day back-to-back training course, held at our office in the Midlands, is designed for new users of ARCHICAD with previous skills gained in other "FlatCAD" applications, wishing to learn the skills required to produce a Virtual Building model.
By selecting this training option at the time of purchase provides a discount of £270.00 + VAT on the full classroom rate.
Dates and availability will be issued on a monthly basis, with training to be taken within 90 days. 


Product Code: ACTWRENNU

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